Weighing in on green cancer treatments

It’s time to weigh in on GREEN cancer Protocols.

There is no cure for cancer. That’s what they tell us. They say you need chemo, radiation and pills. And more treatments and more pills. Big pharma. Big more in the drugs, big money in the treatment. The research.  Where the heck is the cure?  Oh, right, cancer is population control. I forgot.

PH – Baking Soda?

According to this guy’s story  he claims having Stage V cancer he upped his PH so high he was declared cancer free. I just read how a grant was given to research sodium bicarbonate in a breast cancer study (that’s baking soda.)  Say what? Using regular old molasses and arm and hammer baking soda. We can’t say for sure this is a cure, (big brother is always watching)  but we can say it’s some form of cancer prevention for sure…

Organic Coffee?

Then you have the coffee enema guy that got kicked off line with his results and proof positive that his version of the therapy worked. I think he is now closed down and even Wikipedia tells you coffee enemas are no good.  Whisper Whisper. Talk to SA White’s coffee in Canada. The Canadian medical association doesn’t deter you from using them in any kind of liver detox protocol.  What do they know that US doctors doesn’t want you to know?  Supposedly the Gershon therapy was retested and revisited to find out it was a crock–?  Then why is it  this guy could not shake HEP B after contracting it (he could never prove where but it was said a bad trip to the dentist dirty tools)  using organic coffee shade grown coffee cured him in 4 days.  He had to order shade grown organic beans from Canada, have his wife assist in a Coffee enema, and within 4 days the jaundice was gone and he was pronounced immune to HEP B.   Okay, so maybe this is not a cure, but it proves real guys may break down and get enemas.


Here is an interesting article on how superfoods help fight cancer.    

As for folks over at Island Superfoods, they are a firm believer in drink it up and using nature’s means to prevent and treat common illness from obesity to joint pain.  Perhaps just really there are key ingredients in nature here to help us ward off all this evili. Cure cancer? Maybe not according to this girl who did everything possible for her dog, but superfoods actually helped in allowing him to live a happy and healthy quality of life.    Last check the dog was already outliving his lifespan.

Nature Knows.

So what is that nature knows that we do not? They give us the elements, supplements, flowers, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and bioflavinoids we need to live healthy. Perhaps it’s because of us humans that we are prone to so much disease.


the way nature intended you to do.  Click on the link