Postpartum weight Loss

Postpartum weight loss was never easier with organic cotton wraps. Photo:

Why is this new mom smiling? Because she’s wearing an organic 100% cotton belly wrap, fashioned in a way that it will help her induce weight loss and sweat off those extra pounds from the baby bump area.  This is from a shop on Etsy shop called MommyBellyWrap. They claim the wrap speeds up the healing and toning of the abdominal muscles as well as helping the wearer of said item lose weight.  They write, “The tradition of postpartum belly wrapping has been common in other countries for centuries as it is believed that by holding stretched stomach muscles in place, it facilitates their healing. ”

Theirs:  100% cloth, allowing the skin to breathe so it is more comfortable to wear and not as hot as spandex type.

Cost:  $38.99

For that price, you can’t go wrong.

Find it here.