Epazote Bug Spray

The website explains how to use the seeds as a natural and powerful insecticide. Read more here.

The Mighty Epazote Dried Herb

We recently read up on something called the Dried Epazote herb. Believe it or not, it is an all natural insecticide.   This herb, in dried form, has a natural chemical makeup that is proved to be toxic–therefore it kills insects and proves to be much safer than standard insecticides.

We found this on http://fairdinkumseeds.com/  who actually sells the seeds so you can grow your own herbs and dry them making it an eco friendly green way to get rid of your conventional poisons which cause harmful chemicals, and make your own.

Modern day insecticides kill the good and bad bugs, and  poison the plants and may be harmful to children and pets. Epazote, when used with instructions given on the website, will let some bugs live!  The good ones, like bees!

However, we find it interesting there is a whole page of natural insecticides here on their site, so you can do your research and find what best fits your needs.

Source:  EtsyRecyclersGuild Article Natural Bug Killer  here.