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Vintage Trophies Upcycled

Mency’s team recycled over 100 trophies and made them into 40 functional pieces of art.

Do you have tons of old trophies that you can’t seem to part with? Collecting dust and the thought of giving them to the local goodwill makes you cringe, because you know no one in their right mind is going to buy an old trophy. They will just end up in the landfill. So now what?

Believe it or not some eco friendly people are using them in place of buying new mass produced trophies.  Take artist Ira Mency, who fashioned over 40 new trophies or a BBQ Contest in Virginia, she and her art group rebuilt out of 100 old trophies..  The artist remarked, “We got them donated from everywhere, old bowling, soccer, and softball….we took them apart, refurbished them and changed the toppers to pigs. A little artwork and decoupage and we were on our way. It was a lot harder and took a lot longer than buying new, but we did something good for the environment.  The old toppers we made into wine corks and sent them hope with the kids that helped us transform them.”

Old Trophy Recycling

Old Trophy recycling

Mency lives in Baltimore but works in Pennsylvania, so she will pick up your trophies if you are within that regional area. Contact her at 410-908-9241 or read the deals on Trophy Recycling on her blog.  She says, “You can look up Earth411 to see who may take trophies in your area.  A lot of artists may use the parts in mixed media work, repurposing the marble stones or toppers for craft projects. Put them on Freecycle and you never know what will happen. ”



Old ComputerThis just in, a place to off those old non working IT Equipment monstrosities. Where?  Not in the states, only in the UK.  FM Recycle is becoming an innovator in  Computer Recycling

They are a UK based agency which helps businesses go green by recycling their old or non working IT Equipment.  Finally, a solution for those who have a dinosaur computer from the last decade collecting dust in the basement. Now you can  find out just what you need to do to use their services.


0161 707 4020

Unit H5 Lynwell Road

Eccles, Manchester M30 9QG


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