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Island Picnic on Etsy Eco Friendly Sandwich Bags

Photo: IslandPicnic on Etsy offers these great reusable organic cotton sandwich bags, get rid of those plastic bags forever!

Let’s say you want to get into the “green thing” but have no idea where to start? Here are some simple ways you can go greener in the home.

1. Start a can for recycling. Not only will you see your regular trash cut down, but recycling will help the environment so these items don’t end up in landfills.  In case you are new at this, you should rinse out your cans before tossing them in.

2. Collect your children’s broken toys into a box, then advertise them on Craiglist free to an assemblage artist, who may recycle the parts into sculpture rather than end up in the landfill.

3. Instead of plastic bags in the kid’s lunch use washable eco material bags that you can reuse.  You can find a bunch on Etsy and you can start here at Island Picnic.

4.  Turn out the lights in other rooms when you are not using, and conserve energy when you can.

5.  Making small changes in your home such as upping the heat to kick on a few degrees, and lowering the temperature of the hot water heater will also help.

6. Air dry your clothes on a line outside when you can. You will be happy they smell fresh too, and just doing this half of the time will reduce your electricity bill.

7. If you have a garden, invest in a compost bin and start composting your food scraps. You won’t have to buy soil next year and you will have a way to supercharge your veggies.

8.  Along those same lines you may wish to start a rain barrel, to self feed the garden so you won’t have to water it.

9.  Get your children into recycling by having a recycled crafts night, where they make cards for someone’s birthday out of old magazines, glue and recycled junk mail.  Here is a great link on DIY greeting cards.

10.  Get a free quote on alternative energy for your home. As crazy as it may sound, you can get low cost solar panels which will save you up to 70% on your utility bills, easily paying for themselves in a year or two. Many people are scared to look into these type of things, but what they don’t realize is with the growing popularity of new green energy, supply vs demand are making them more affordable.

There are just a few tips on living green and going greener in your every day life. Just about everything you do if you make small changes these will build up over time. What are you doing to make a better world years from now?




Energy Star Appliance

Photo Credit: AJMadison , Energy Star

Energy Star this. Energy Star that.  There’s no doubt that modern appliances are made “more eco friendly” than older ones. Supposedly you save on your electric bill. New refrigerant is used–not the harmful stuff that hurts the ozone when released.  They sure cost a lot. They sure are pretty.   Everyone has heard of  going greener, but when should you decide the best for your old appliance ?

One company in Los Angeles, Active Appliance may have some input.  “We fix broken appliances so there is less disposed appliances in the landfills.. We implement energy saving methods at houses we service.”

Something to think about…scrap metal, or can you use it for a few more years?


how to make rain barrel

Rain Barrel Making 101 at sure knows what they are talking about when it comes to water collecting and making rain barrels.  They sell products to assist you in water collecting, but even more so give you step by step instructions on how to make your own rain barrel!

Did you know doing so can decrease water consumption ?  You can make sure your garden always has back up water on hand!   Using nature’s resources dates back to earlier times, when water jugs were made out of clay for water transport. Now you can easily make an irrigation system for your garden, pond or what have you!

This is a great way to go green!






Source: via Cindy on Pinterest

Tzandals   is a website offering Tanzanian UPCYCLED / RECYCLED  Tire Sandals.  Yes, that is what I said, tires recycled into wearable sandals.  There is a reason for this, one–to rid the earth of the plethora of used tires. Better than that, is that the profits go back into communities that need them in Tanzania. Talk about an eco friendly endeavor. You must check out their website and support this new green biz. Tell your friends, share them on facebook.

More info:

Eco Friendly Products

Finally, business owners can rest assured about the samples, or freebies they give away at job fairs, to their employees or potential customers. Eco Friendly freebie giveaways and Eco Promotional Products that are  green, recycled, upcycled, or biodegradable are now available from BrandedItems promotional products website!  What a smart idea!  The pens above feature plastic parts made from organic material, and bulk orders can be as low as .41 cents each!

bee green magazine

I love websites that encourage the community to go greener! Canada’s Vancouver Island has come up with an online magazine to get everyone involved.  Bee Green Magazine is an online place where the Eco Friendly community and green earth conscious individuals can network together.
vancouver island green magazine

Encouraging youth, students, non profit organizations, and businesses to get on the Green bandwagon, you can find lots here. From health to recycling, it’s all inside the website. Perhaps what it’s really about is making relationships—offering free green education to those who want to live more eco friendly. It helps foster education on the topic and create awareness to saavy individuals whom may wish to shop with a local green merchant. Anyone who wants to support sustainability can learn something here. The best part, it’s not wasting trees, you read it online!

They say, “We believe our demographics include everyone, from students to community leaders—anyone with an interest for our community and the general well being of our planet.”  Good for them. If everyone did this, our world would be a much greener, healthier place!

Bloom Herbal Organics offers real herbal organics such as this “Bloom Allergy Relief” Bloom Herbal Organics

Finally, doctors speak up–owned by physicians they have created an all new Herbal-For-Your-Life website. No scripts or toxic chemicals required. Take for instance this Allergy Relief. It contains natural ingredients such as:

  • Nettles leaf
  • Maitake Mushroom
  • Dandelion Root
  • Licorice Root
  • Spikenard Root

This is what I want in my stocking this holiday season. Not just Allergy Relief, but they have  Sinus Relief, Immune System Booster.  Did I mention Recovery organic remedies too?  All of this is  truly promoting the healthy, active, organic lifestyle.

Visit them:  Bloom Herbal Organics

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