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Energy Star Appliance

Photo Credit: AJMadison , Energy Star

Energy Star this. Energy Star that.  There’s no doubt that modern appliances are made “more eco friendly” than older ones. Supposedly you save on your electric bill. New refrigerant is used–not the harmful stuff that hurts the ozone when released.  They sure cost a lot. They sure are pretty.   Everyone has heard of  going greener, but when should you decide the best for your old appliance ?

One company in Los Angeles, Active Appliance may have some input.  “We fix broken appliances so there is less disposed appliances in the landfills.. We implement energy saving methods at houses we service.”

Something to think about…scrap metal, or can you use it for a few more years?


bee green magazine

I love websites that encourage the community to go greener! Canada’s Vancouver Island has come up with an online magazine to get everyone involved.  Bee Green Magazine is an online place where the Eco Friendly community and green earth conscious individuals can network together.
vancouver island green magazine

Encouraging youth, students, non profit organizations, and businesses to get on the Green bandwagon, you can find lots here. From health to recycling, it’s all inside the website. Perhaps what it’s really about is making relationships—offering free green education to those who want to live more eco friendly. It helps foster education on the topic and create awareness to saavy individuals whom may wish to shop with a local green merchant. Anyone who wants to support sustainability can learn something here. The best part, it’s not wasting trees, you read it online!

They say, “We believe our demographics include everyone, from students to community leaders—anyone with an interest for our community and the general well being of our planet.”  Good for them. If everyone did this, our world would be a much greener, healthier place!

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