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green store

Eco Keenuno: A new storefront with thousands of products all eco, natural, sustainable and GREEN!

Eco Keenuo has developed a  comprehensive website where green is in it’s place – one place.  Now greenies and eco conscious shoppers can go and browse all their needs in one shot , by simply visiting their site. The website boasts over 800 plus Eco Brands, and over 15,000 Eco Products.  They offer fast shipping and great prices.

Go Greens

Go Greens – real veggies that you drop in your water, yum! At Eco Keenuno, only $6.99 on sale.

Why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner?  The days of searching through a website looking for “green” or “sustainable” products are over.  Everything is right here at your fingertips, with only a click separating the bath and beauty goods from natural botanicals and health supplements. Other items you will find in their vast green catalog are diet and nutrition supplements, food items, clothing, household wares, and pet care.

Sage tea

Sage tea bags have ancient healing properties and stood for longevity in Native American cultures. Read full history under Sage Tea, in the category of Wellness Teas. These: 24 tea bags only $3.99

We especially like the feature that you can either browse the categories, or shop by Manufacturer.  If you are unsure about what herb or supplement you need, they offer easy categories for everything from stress to inflammation.They are constantly adding new products and their deal is simple, create an account and earn $5, then achievement rewards for shopping with them. Make sure to spread the word to your friends.

Visit this site now: eco keenuo


Employee Carpooling by Comovee

One company has the responsible solution for employers!

The Dilemma:   It always bothersome in large companies to see so many people working the same schedule, coming from similiar parts of the city, each driving separately, wasting gas and killing the environment with their car emissions.  Although curious that these folks may not normally come up with the idea to perhaps drive together even though they may travel the same routes, to and from work.  Unless of course, someone put the notion into their head to force their hand in becoming a little bit greener….but who?

The Solution:  How about their employer offering a service such as this!  One may ask, how?  Now there’s a solution for companies to help their employees get to work in the name of green.  Employee Carpooling, what a great idea.  Thanks to Comovee Enterprise, who has thoroughly thought out the on-demand carpooling solution for companies!  They now allow employers to foster ridesharing among colleagues.  This process also features “business trip management” to share rides to common business destinations.

Imagine that, the employers can go through Comovee for this service and then take all the credit of being a “green company.”  This product is clearly environmentally friendly and the employer will obtain kudos in the community by helping their employees get to work . This will foster employee productivity by being a perk, and more people will want to work for the company in the long run. Expenses for parking are saved by the company and the employee – one saved parking spot saves up to $300 per month. Many companies now split the cost of parking in garages with their employees.

At Comovee you can figure out just how much you will save per year, based on how many employees you have.  Employees, tell your boss about this great idea. Tell them you would like to be a greener place to work.  Carpooling to work protects the environment by saving CO2, not to mention  it saves both gas costs and parking expenses!

More information: Comovee

Eco Friendly Products

Finally, business owners can rest assured about the samples, or freebies they give away at job fairs, to their employees or potential customers. Eco Friendly freebie giveaways and Eco Promotional Products that are  green, recycled, upcycled, or biodegradable are now available from BrandedItems promotional products website!  What a smart idea!  The pens above feature plastic parts made from organic material, and bulk orders can be as low as .41 cents each!

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