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ADT Pulse Helps Users Cut Energy Costs

ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse is new and cutting edge.

ADT Pulse helps users cut energy costs. This new service will help you to stop running from your energy bill. It will help you reduce home energy costs.  Instead of worrying about opening the bill and having a heart attack, you will smile knowing you are more in control of what is running and operational in your home.  You cut the costs by service brought to you by ADT (trusted leaders of security since 1874) ! This allows you to remotely monitor your home from any location, using your Internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer. Since this is the age of technology it only make sense to get a grip on expenses!



Save Energy With ADT Pulse

Save Energy with ADT Pulse

[Source: Home Security Solutions]





Pollution Matters Sunshine Rain and Rainbows


Source:  See.Solar

This article on Etsy Recyclers Guild shows a great infographic courtesy of Solar Energy company See Solar. It tells us why pollution matters and why we should be concerned.

Too often people just think oh well, let the generation after me take care of that. Aren’t we cleaning up after our grandparents now? Or the population boom, think about it, we have too many people doing too many things at too fast a rate in order to keep up.

Wildfires burn thousands of acres of forest that would indvertentdly absorb CO2 now the trees are gone, they are non existant. Take into the equation the meltdown in Japan, where did all that nuclear energy go? It’s still raining down on us and impacting us. Crops impacted. Air quality.  What about most recently tycoon Volkswagen admitting to cheating for six years of cars being sold in the USA?

Yes, we will not only MAKE the impact but we will HINDER the future if we don’t take

See Solar Energy Choosing the Right Company

Solar Energy Bumper Stickers via Etsy .

See.Solar has made it easy to choose the right solar power company in your area to assist you with going solar – with solar energy that is.  In the past choosing solar panels and finding a company to work with was costly and confusing. You didn’t know where or how to start!

See.Solar reports that every three minutes a customer is switching to solar energy! What a green living miracle!  Now you can decide what’s best for you living green and going solar by watching this video…



Natural Insecticide Epazote Herb

Epazote Bug Spray

The website explains how to use the seeds as a natural and powerful insecticide. Read more here.

The Mighty Epazote Dried Herb

We recently read up on something called the Dried Epazote herb. Believe it or not, it is an all natural insecticide.   This herb, in dried form, has a natural chemical makeup that is proved to be toxic–therefore it kills insects and proves to be much safer than standard insecticides.

We found this on  who actually sells the seeds so you can grow your own herbs and dry them making it an eco friendly green way to get rid of your conventional poisons which cause harmful chemicals, and make your own.

Modern day insecticides kill the good and bad bugs, and  poison the plants and may be harmful to children and pets. Epazote, when used with instructions given on the website, will let some bugs live!  The good ones, like bees!

However, we find it interesting there is a whole page of natural insecticides here on their site, so you can do your research and find what best fits your needs.

Source:  EtsyRecyclersGuild Article Natural Bug Killer  here.





All Star Health Worst Experience Ever Impacts my Cancer Dog #epicfail @AllStarHealth

When supplement stores go bad…

Basset Hound Cancer Alternative Treatment Case

cancer Dog

Getting meds for Buford is my number one goal, and it’s very important that his power boost of 14 pills are taken regularly. Hell, the dog is alive running and playing with stage three cancer and what else can I attribute it to?  On that note, I did hear from a wonderful reader who is also following the regimen for his dog Tawny, and she is doing wonderful battling her cancer.  I am so very glad that nature is making progress and letting these dogs with cancer live in the highest quality of life.

Problem is, I couldn’t remember where I bought his Coriolus PSP Mushroom Science caps last time, and his meds are costing me a small fortune. Buying 14 pills month in and month out gets a little nerve-racking. l placed my refill order on 12.26.13 at night online from a place called All Star Health.  ( I…

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Eco Keenuo Puts Green In It’s Place

green store

Eco Keenuno: A new storefront with thousands of products all eco, natural, sustainable and GREEN!

Eco Keenuo has developed a  comprehensive website where green is in it’s place – one place.  Now greenies and eco conscious shoppers can go and browse all their needs in one shot , by simply visiting their site. The website boasts over 800 plus Eco Brands, and over 15,000 Eco Products.  They offer fast shipping and great prices.

Go Greens

Go Greens – real veggies that you drop in your water, yum! At Eco Keenuno, only $6.99 on sale.

Why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner?  The days of searching through a website looking for “green” or “sustainable” products are over.  Everything is right here at your fingertips, with only a click separating the bath and beauty goods from natural botanicals and health supplements. Other items you will find in their vast green catalog are diet and nutrition supplements, food items, clothing, household wares, and pet care.

Sage tea

Sage tea bags have ancient healing properties and stood for longevity in Native American cultures. Read full history under Sage Tea, in the category of Wellness Teas. These: 24 tea bags only $3.99

We especially like the feature that you can either browse the categories, or shop by Manufacturer.  If you are unsure about what herb or supplement you need, they offer easy categories for everything from stress to inflammation.They are constantly adding new products and their deal is simple, create an account and earn $5, then achievement rewards for shopping with them. Make sure to spread the word to your friends.

Visit this site now: eco keenuo

Organic Belly Wraps for Postpartum Moms

Postpartum weight Loss

Postpartum weight loss was never easier with organic cotton wraps. Photo:

Why is this new mom smiling? Because she’s wearing an organic 100% cotton belly wrap, fashioned in a way that it will help her induce weight loss and sweat off those extra pounds from the baby bump area.  This is from a shop on Etsy shop called MommyBellyWrap. They claim the wrap speeds up the healing and toning of the abdominal muscles as well as helping the wearer of said item lose weight.  They write, “The tradition of postpartum belly wrapping has been common in other countries for centuries as it is believed that by holding stretched stomach muscles in place, it facilitates their healing. ”

Theirs:  100% cloth, allowing the skin to breathe so it is more comfortable to wear and not as hot as spandex type.

Cost:  $38.99

For that price, you can’t go wrong.

Find it here.

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